August 6, 2021 Mary Kay Benson, Dr. Don Hankins, Allen Hester

11:30, Noon  Mary Kay Benson 

suggests Chico Housing Action Team, Safe Space, Northstate Shelter Team, Butte County Shelter for All, Butte County Local Food Network, TEK at Verbena Fields every Friday, 9:30 in summer. 

11:40 Don Hankins 

suggests Cat Anderson, Tending the Wild, Maidu Summit Consortium

12:30 Allen Hester ; 

Archive will be available 8/10 

  • 11:39am If A Tree Falls (Album Version) by Bruce Cockburn on Big Circumstance (SME - Columbia)
  • 11:41am by on ( )
  • 12:00pm Subcity (2015 Remaster) by Tracy Chapman on Subcity (2015 Remaster) (WMG - Elektra)
  • 12:03pm by on ( )
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