June 25, 2021 11:30 Angela McLaughlin; 12 Danny Sjursen; 12:30 Crystal Rose Sanchez

11:30 Angela McLaughlin at Stand Up for Chico (fb) 

12  Danny Sjursen at www.skepticalvet.com; Fortress on a Hill podcast; www.antiwar.com, Eisenhower Media Network

A True History of the united States,- Indigenous Genocide, Racialized Slavery, Hyper-Capitalism, Militaristic Imperialism, and other Other Overlooked Aspects of American Exceptionalism 

12:30 Crystal Rose Sanchez at  [email protected]

SAC S.O.U.P. , National Homeless Union, The National Poor People's Campaign, Sac. Chapter.

Butte County Shelter for All (f.b.) for a local place to start. 

  • 11:30am by on ( )
  • 11:31am Someone Light the Fire by John-Michael Sun on Love and Peace (1098432 Records DK)
  • 11:33am by on ( )
  • 12:02pm Heaven by John-Michael Sun on Love and Peace (1098432 Records DK)
  • 12:02pm by on ( )
  • 12:03pm Dump The Bosses Off Your Back by Utah Phillips on We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years (UMG - Philo)
  • 12:05pm by on ( )
  • 12:28pm Kern Pkl by Blue Dot Sessions on Limoncello (Blue Dot Studios)
  • 12:28pm by on ( )
  • 12:59pm Brain Power by Mela on Mela Two (Sottnik Music)
  • 12:59pm by on ( )
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