June 4, 2021 Anonymous Palestinian American, Mashon Jones, Anecia Johnson Smith.

Peace and Social Justice show il be bringing listeners inside last week’s #FreePalastine protest, where I spoke with a protester who happened to be a Palestinian and American dual citizen. For anonymity purposes they named themselves “lil Palestine” during the protest we step a few feet from the center of the action and in what was a very medicinal exchange for me, they shared some experiences around growing up in America and visiting their homeland, they spoke of feeling the weight of having to represent their race and ethnicity in a positive light, we discuss racism and much more. Next I have a cross country zoom call with local black father, mentor, coach and gospel rapper Mashon Jones about growing up in Englewood, Ca., how life expectancy effects the way we some black folks live, what it’s like being black in butte and a wealth of other things around black life, before I make a pit stop at bethal AME to meet Black Certified life coach, grant writer, serial administrator, and devote server of GOD and community, Racheal Cowan who stopped by to tell me about the 3 day, 3 event Juneteenth celebration as I headed to the park to meet with the Black writer, organizer and Founder of “Amma Culture – Education and Arts” Anecia Johnson Smith. The daughter of Dorothy Johnson for whom the community center in chapman was named, sat with me in the shade of lower park and we discussed what it was like for her growing up black in chico, how she became aware of her race and much later racism, and the non-monolithic existence and expressions of blackness amongst several other topics including some cool things coming up at Amma Culture in chico.

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