O Gentle Light

A program of soul-calming liturgical music, through which hearts are softened and the bonds of this material world are loosed. Translations of the lyrics, historical insights and readings from rare spiritual texts are interspersed throughout the program.

Featured artsist include... Eikona, The Sirin Choir, Choirmaster: Andrey Kotov, Byzantine Choir, Saint Petersburg Chamber Choir, Pokactbo Xpnctobo, The School of Ecclesiastic Music, La Reverdie, Valaam Brotherhood Choir, Archimandrite Antoniy, Hegumen Mikhei & Hieromonk Porfiriy, Valaam Brotherhood Choir, Mount Lebanon Choir and many more!
    • Tuesdays, 10:00pm12:00am
    10:00pm, 7-26-2016
    10:00pm, 7-19-2016